When you are most helpless, don’t forget your core friends and the best teachers

webmaster friend: are you ready to buy space when doing the site, in the network of a lot of IDC, there is no choice, the cost of mind, choose a good feeling of space, spent 200 yuan. Used only to find out, hanging three times a day. Listen to the QQ group of "master" and "inspiration" to know other places similar space is only 150. This time you want someone to give you advice about how to buy a suitable space ah, but you searched QQ friends to give you advice are those IDC salesman, they say they are the most perfect space.

webmaster friend: when you spent 100 yuan registered a COM meters, because the site can not be promoted and deserted. Just at this time people are willing to spend 300 yuan to buy your domain name, you excitedly agreed, did not expect the transfer of IDC to tell you the transfer fee to 500, you Speechless! If you want someone to tell you what IDC business domain name registration cheap and free transfer? But nobody told you


webmaster friends: you because the site does not flow, find the master about how to promote the site, the first day of the morning 8 points at QQ asked him. In the second day of the afternoon, I received the reply at three p.m. "I’m busy."". To help the master more news is no echo. Do you want someone to teach you how to do traffic from 100 to 10000? But you don’t find a teacher like that.

webmaster friends: you spend a week hard on the Internet to find a nice template in the installation process found out the problem, but a lot of people, others give you the answer can make you satisfied. Do you wish this time someone told you in the next, how to change the problem where, to achieve the desired effect you? But you can’t find a few words, people always let you feel shy to ask


no pie falls in the sky. Many people only see bandits eat meat and see no robbers suffer. Webmaster friends, learning is to pay the tuition fee, from the first day you decide to do the webmaster, you must do the preparatory tuition, you may be hateful IDC cheated a few hundred dollars, you may not linger for a long time because of promotion in dozens of IP, you may be due to technical reasons unable to add more features to the site……

before the novice Adsense training, before the beginning of the course, chat with friends in the training group. Listen to a group of friends in a week, he made 4 station with DEDE, but all of the station is the default template, you will not change the template, all standing in one month after discharge do not add up to 100IP. grassroots heroes glorious deeds incentives, and personal webmaster more low threshold and more and more friends to join the ranks of the webmaster.

, don’t feel helpless. When you feel the future is dark, think of the friends who care about you, and think about your family. Above all, when you are helpless, don’t forget your core friends and best >!