Successful Taobao customers must collect 3+N databases (1)

once, someone put the database bank if there is no money to spend, and then go to the bank to get some money, the pond data in cash, if money is wealthy, to accumulate some data, change of water to the fish pond. Although it sounds a bit exaggerated, but in fact, these two really have the same purpose.

today, Huo always want to share with you the success of Taobao passenger must collect 3+N database:

Witkey database


is known as China ancient wisdom God Zhuge Wuhou, actually did not die from enemy, but died on their own, in more than forty penalty stick to personally determine, so hands-on, even the strong body does not carry live.

shopping malls such as the battlefield, Taobao is off, and a war is similar to that in, understanding of user needs, market research as the war Liaodi in the first, enhance their own value, to meet the needs of users, the product promotion needs, etc. These are the need for detailed pondering.

a person’s ability and energy is limited, may not share all to themselves, not to mention the industry specializing in surgery, even if you do not do well.

so, as a successful Taobao customers, to co-ordinate the overall situation, there are ideas, the specific form of division, and then to find suitable people to do the right things, Witkey, in a sense, most of them belong to the cheap labor, which based on students, to tell the truth, 1.6 yuan (after deducting 20% fee) more than 500 words I write more than N, then, really hard.

do guest, it is important to look for ideas, specific implementation, cheap labor, they are the most suitable candidates, how to find cheap labor? Perhaps, Witkey is a good choice. In addition, I will not tell you that QQ will be deleted when QQ releases the task, and I will not tell you that if you upload it in the form of attachments, you can keep it.

merchant database


operation of Taobao off promotion, we need a business as a partner, choose a businessman is not random behavior, we should according to the various conditions of business screening, common considerations are as follows:

special plan carefully request

for most businesses, special planning commission rate is higher than the general plan, but this is not to say that all the people, because the special plan of some businesses is used specifically to line the settlement off for Taobao. General plan commission ratio of 10%, special plan rate of 1%, but once the transaction, with the relevant data, you can contact the merchant, offline payment of the remaining 19% or even 59% commission.