The transformation of professional Adsense pain

doesn’t know how many professional webmasters still live in the wave of the internet. The first sentence of the article was sad and hurried, and it was so sad. Chang Xiaofeng has for a long time without writing, because I want to write some useful articles to help you, those with no reality whatever anything we touched, but today I still want to write false, because this is a kind of consciousness that can help you take some detours or to help themselves struggling out from the pain.

what is a professional station,


professional webmaster for many new Internet friends now, perhaps it is a relatively unfamiliar vocabulary. Because with these 2 years of great changes in the Internet, more and more professional webmaster chose to give up the dream of entrepreneurship, go to work. Here I understand the professional webmaster is very simple, that is, through their own site to survive this part of the Internet workers. A lot of new friends will be curious to ask me, there is still such a profession, it is really cool, no one can manage to make money, how cool. These tell the friends that they are far from simple and easy as you think.

professional webmaster in the past and present life,


professional webmaster can be said to be personal behavior of entrepreneurship. At the beginning of the Internet in China, the big brothers actually became professional owners. Later, the team set up to expand the course, these are the words of the. At that time Cai Wensheng held the first session of Chinese stationmaster Congress can look out those who are now so all-powerful. In the past life, I contacted 08 years, 06 to 09 years, when still living a large number of professional webmaster. Because every industry has the opportunity, and accurately, there is still a chance to make money. No matter what site you do, as long as you have traffic, you can make money, and have an objective income. This time, mainly because of Taobao, Baidu, and video sites, we can share a piece of their money while they’re investing. Underground Internet is not much to say, it is more active. Of course, I missed it at this stage. I’m sorry too.

I’m still alive today. What should I do,


to this day, I don’t know how many professional webmaster still alive. I want a professional webmaster who is still alive. Come on, friends, because I’m one of you. Then talk about my transformation of the road, perhaps a lot of webmaster and I was a little bit lost. In June of last year, Baidu algorithm update, at that time, many professional webmaster chose to leave, the reason is very simple, is unable to find the direction, lost himself. Your website can have a good income before, and suddenly it doesn’t exist. It’s really a painful thing. At this time, people do not know what to do, but also organized a protest in YY. It can be seen how fierce everyone is.

, I chose to stay,


09 years, the incident hit me really big, but later I adjusted the income, basically still can. This thing suddenly made me realize