The patient focused blog content

focus on the blog, the content of patient. Content building here mainly refers to the content of blogs that focus on a particular field, rather than the content of an individual life blog. If your blog is just a record of the little things in your life, you don’t have to think so much, what you like, what you want to write, and what to write about. But if your blog is a blog focused on a professional field (the webmaster blog is mostly of this type), the content of the construction can not be so arbitrary, must be patient.

often come to my blog friends will this blog update frequency is about one or two a week or so, because of personal time, so only one or two articles, the best conditions are updated every day, no conditions I recommend two days to update an article! My blog posts and personal basic the webmaster, so the main object of communication is they, if my blog is updated every day, a few of my own life, such as today to go fishing tomorrow update, update and friends where to play…… So, to my blog webmaster, every time to see all these things, but didn’t see what they want to read, they care about the article, so they come to your blog than to see their own website, in the course of time will gradually abandon your blog. So attention blog construction should be patient, of course is not to write all of this, is that most of the contents of the field of writing focus, small part of a period of time can update an independent of the industry, for example, you go to travel, take some photos, write to play and feel. Friends share the joy in life, this blog is not monotonous, but also to meet your friend needs, such professional blog can gather more and more popular


generally speaking, the content of the blog should be well positioned, that is, the "fine" and "dedicated", unless you are a personal mood blog. If the blog is not fine not only that people just go to the portal to see the article, what to see your blog article? It is because of your blog portal without such focus, focus on the content, so people need to come here to see you. Last but not least, a lot of people know, but don’t do it – stick to it! It’s important! I want everyone to understand!


this article is only a personal point of view. If there is disagreement, we can communicate together.

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