941 Wangzhuan information station opened a 3 month summary

The site

station also has 3 months, for the operation of the site can be said to be feeling a lot, to the site but also spent a lot of effort, but due to the unreasonable planning website 3 times in just 1 months, until June was officially finalized for now this way, because of the space stability the middle is Baidu and Google in sand box for a long time, the construction experience of 941 Wangzhuan information station has the following main points:

1, must do the construction site before the official release, the test is completed and then released, because Baidu Google is love new sites, often a large number of new sites included, there is no problem, since he has given higher weights, if a new all the content is collected, also contains the wrong connection, then Baidu is do not love you, also won’t give you much traffic, the new station must not change, is a painful lesson for the river after a seaman, I stand after the two revision, Baidu Google into the sandbox for more than a month only scraped escaped from the sandbox.

The main experience of Baidu Google

escaped from the sandbox in the following points: adhere to the original update, add a small amount of high quality external links, pay attention to the high quality PR link is not high, but with high degree of coherence, add the appropriate external links, then still very important related external authority chain. Modified several internal link errors, the connection between the related pages increased, but attention is related to links between articles. So hold on for half a month, Baidu will finally I released from the sandbox, ranked straight up, personal feeling of the original content is very important, but the original must be online no information, can not write a lot of others, so that you do not up to the original, the key can be properly selected for too long that little competition, people do not pay attention to being collected.

2, the website keyword don’t modify, not the revision of the case, because the keyword and description is Baidu for a web page classification based on your Baidu keyword, according to your description to your station and station is divided to a certain class, this is not going to change, Baidu has reason to suspect that changed you cheat, then will mercilessly put you into the sandbox, the station is eating the loss, we must pay attention to the novice webmaster.

3, internal connection must be reasonable, this station is now the internal connection is not very reasonable, for this reason now Baidu and Google included is not ideal, the seaman is to eat on the site planning deficit, now change will cause Baidu thinks I’m cheating, novice webmaster must be aware of this problem. Outbound links appropriate help to improve the quality of website, but don’t add Links, you can export a core keyword in your article to related topics a authoritative website to course if you can get these links is the most ideal, the seaman tried all links of good quality the pages are included in the revision, but also get a good ranking.

4, website content is collected appropriately, very important, after the website is collected, be out of…