About thirty years of age decided to choose to do stand

doesn’t remember how much through the night, with the U shield turned much money, Baidu cut off many pages in how many domain name, how many times have black IDC, how many times users are not cheat… Say… What, see the wife is sleeping, spit smoke ring: "at least I’m still here


I don’t hate the black heart of the IDC, after all, do IDC also has his own reasons: do not want to criticize the relentless Baidu, after all, what big birds are… The most hateful is to engage in malicious code (Trojan) person, but 2:

first, simply engage in malicious code. I met 2 times, and for the first time I was hung up by a member of the communication group, and then he M me, and I knew it. I asked him why I stand, he said: "the fate" – I was completely knocked down!!! Second times, because I read an article in the hacker forums, probably because the data in my own station domain name written on, drew a talk of the "black" (really cautious detailed information, or how to go to see my ID). "The station was messed up," he said. "He’s testing. When the test is done, get it back to me.". I really don’t know what he was trying, maybe my defense in space, and then he didn’t do it for me. The database was deranged.

two is purely for profit. So far, I’ve had one, but the result is so bad that my stop has been down for a week. Specific I do not need to say, is that means, experienced friends must understand. Anyway, I found, "a common characteristic of black": don’t break you and never give up! Unless he found you better than him. God can not split him!!!!!! (Note: do not include those who have conscience, are generous "black".


do webmaster life is a very chronic, very silent depressing feeling, especially the small and medium-sized webmaster. 2 years down, find new friends did not know a few ways of making money, did not see a few, wife clothes did not buy a few pieces of… In fact… My dream is not to do the station, I just imagine that he is to master the host family, home with fertile fields, finally said nothing led a group have neither learning nor skill. The dog I took to the streets to tease good girl…

"poof ~ ~" spit smoke ring (recently learned), wife turned over and snoring… QQ… Out of several flashing picture, the mouth murmured: "what is the rush…"

"ah, today’s Baidu update!"

"Oh, where’s the smoke?"

ah, wife, listen to me explain ~!!!!…..


has 1 years to stand, and think about the past few years in Beijing from the network of small tubes to foreign aid work experience, I really have the feeling of suddenly looking back. Recently prepared to stand on the ground to do standing, local information network. Considering 1 months’ decision, I feel that I have to stand still as a career, so I can persist