Cao Guangyun the way to success for stationmaster from the perspective of success (two)

Cao Guangyun in an article on to share the success of "the first" master piece of content, is currently has more than forty websites reproduced, reproduced here to open website thanks, because you will let more people understand to reprint the basic elements of success in, this article is to continue on a also, for the share of four successful people need to have quality:

success five: success is often not just what you want,

everyone knows one thing. When someone is famous, honor, money, beauty will be there. Just like the imperial examination system in ancient times. Fame, maybe he started only one idea, is promoted. But often when the promotion to achieve the goal of wealth and connections, then there will be. These were not originally thought of. Although web578 is not at all stages, but I feel it already. Web578 profit point is to join VIP members. But often a lot of people find me through this platform, in-depth cooperation. There is a VIP member whose family is from Hebei. The family opened a steel tube factory. After joining VIP, I felt I learned a lot. I felt that I was very helpful to him. One of his friends wanted to do an online marketing program, and finally handed me the list directly.

success six: any success depends on the brain

There are two kinds of

ways to make money, one is mainly by hand, one is mainly on the brain, hands to eat can eat, can eat dinner by the brain, a team leader role, the head is xiongbao, the regiment is xiongbao. A soldier, a flaming nest, is the reason. How do people eat by the brain, first of all need to enrich the brain, the world does not rule out a genius, but also does not rule out the special features of the people, but for most, still need to learn to enhance their own.

, if you want to highlight your site, want to make your promotion work, want to make yourself an envy of others, there must be, first of all, there is something in the brain.

success seven: success should have a strong motivation for success,

I have

in the web578 Tencent official micro-blog ( sent such a micro-blog "beauty and success in front of you, your choice is the instinct of beauty, but when you choose success, not success is difficult, because of your desire for success beyond the can!". This is a joke, but the truth is that in order to illustrate one thing, the degree of desire determines the degree of success. If there is no strong motivation to succeed, when they are doing this thing, encounter difficulties may well choose to retreat or escape, even if it is temporarily in the face, but for a long time may still choose to retreat or escape. So it leads halfway back to the starting point.

success eight: success loves pain,