Dong Jiangyong whip Niu Shi live a wonderful little regret



received a communication call from Wang Huadong about journalists’ day, the first response was: "I’ve never been a reporter.".

wrote this line to show that I wanted to be a journalist, but I didn’t know if I would have another chance.

2003 and Sohu signed a labor contract, I was allowed to use the title is chief reporter, who looked not bow to see the media colleagues see my name card will be handed out and asks a commercial website to have the interview right now?

embarrassing awkward, and soon, other commercial websites have also imitated the Sohu, have formed a non political class interview team, the title of course not reporters, but doing all those jobs.

today, the original has been like a raging fire in an interview and Internet media in the booming Internet reporter, if in the future will give official appellation words, so we may be the first person to eat crabs.

in July 2006, I left the post of editor in chief of Sohu IT channel and abandoned the dream of becoming the first journalist on the "Internet business website". The popular saying is to start a business.


was used to show the country, passionate words, think oneself to start things come in handy, as everyone knows, the reporter especially website "reporter" completely by the superficial two word final judgement, reporter hunfanchi entrepreneurship difficult and hard only experience will clear.

, an investment fellow who really helped me, said bluntly, "my partner and I, if we start a business, are worth at most 3 million yuan, selling shares, we can get 50-100 yuan of angel funds.".

when my predecessor left NetEase, he was the director of content (equivalent to the editor in chief) before starting his business. It was said that he had received about 8 million yuan of investment from his loan.

, editor in chief and assistant editor in chief of sina technology, has also left the company and probably got about 500 thousand yuan of start-up capital.

The so-called "

Sohu, retire after winning merit" editor in chief was announced in four months ago, and then rely on hard saved up 2 million yuan at the foot of Xiangshan a real farm started playing touch.

, 50, 200, 800, the numbers of these money are abstract and concrete.

these people are important employees of several big gateways, but their net worth is just a dinner for rich people from monopoly industries.

most of these people were born poor, but very intelligent. Not what social background, was overthrown in May so little slit, to rely on their own and cautious, step by step accumulation.

is a kind of military and political leaders because they do not believe that, once these people feel over the opportunity to rise, so the choice of entrepreneurship.

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