Forging gold content is the only shortcut to success

construction of a very fruitful site, traffic is the fundamental guarantee of success, but how many owners to stop? Most of the time, always blame the "SEO technology is not in place or search engine suck. But there is a fall, there is, in the Internet, every day there will be new sites mixed with the wind and water. So, what gives these sites full of magic traffic, is the search engine? Yes, or not, and more often, I think: the achievement of website value is attributed to the self "gold content". Webmaster if successful, forging web site "gold content", is to win the search engine and the user’s only shortcut!


1: choose more than the efforts of "industry gold content"

chose the right head, step by step, and so did webmaster websites. Some industry site itself are not the gold content is too high, take the "film and fiction" website is an example? A collection, automatic updates, such sites too much, it is because of its universality, which leads to the decrease of the amount of gold industry. It also involves: copyright disputes, transient is unknowable and that things will give energy to this site above, finally the results obtained with too many uncertainties. The gold content level of industry depends on the development prospects: competitiveness, industry website quantity, industry, ease of construction, and user usage, a unified combination of choice, more easily choose to have gold industry website. Not hasty for website, eventually pay more, may be in different pay, always with the successful draw further apart is also unknown. In the binary think: for small and medium-sized webmaster, choose not to do "website traffic service" website, with the service profit, its superiority is far better than the flow, of course it is only a little personal.

two: Although the sparrow is small and dirty, the theme "gold content"

for a small webmaster, no matter what kind of website you want to build, we must do to improve the theme of the website "gold content"". What is the theme of the site "gold"? When users browse a website, a look will know what is the nature of the site, and covers the relevant industry comprehensive collection of information, users are interested in browsing. Instead of doing an all encompassing, anything, but doing what is obvious and vague web site, a look, they know what is not done, professional in place. "Big and whole, better than small and fine", is this reason, in the website construction, personal Adsense building many websites, the author recommend such webmaster better choose some coverage of smaller site branch to build. Rather than doing some, such as: portals, forums, entertainment, such integrated web site, you can open up a small area above, the construction of the fine, the effect may not be bad.

three: increase the number of sites and quality contrast gold content

now, there are many webmasters with more than one station, even one