Give up or stick to it To friends who are still lost

, I’ve been confused for a long time. I’ve been doing full-time website optimization for two years. Said two years, the actual lack of a year, because the middle and off, often on the edge of giving up and reduction.

recall, little success so that they continue to insist on is nothing more than a few websites, confirmed me in my belief, today some experience to share with friends, I hope those who have had less fortunate friends, hold on, maybe victory will belong to you.

scores are mainly in the early stage, when people are relatively easy to meet, a little achievement, it is very happy. At that time, just contact SEO, very lucky to fumble to a doorway, fortunately done two ten thousand IP station. Now want to do is be nothing difficult, but definitely was not so smooth.

I do not know whether the beginning of too smooth, the more backward, the more sense of loss. At the beginning of last February, I bought an old station was revised and put into operation and some orthodox optimization, the first month, Baidu update period, from the original 10 days, 30 days into a. That is to say, you do today SEO optimization work, less than half a month will be able to see, but now, a month of big updates, you can see the long overdue figure.

has not only a major revision of the site, even the framework re write a lot of places, second days to update the home page, but did not lead to a revision of my site drop right, update the first week, only to release hundreds of pages, then after three weeks, only about twenty thousand I was all included page updates all released (included from the date of the page can be seen three weeks ago). Then, in a month later, my site’s keyword ranking has been significantly improved, the work has finally been a bit effective. Let’s talk about what have been done, or let friends learn from it. This month, I do SEO work is to buy one to three links every day, do BBS theme, chain, BBS signature outside chain, web site and classification information outside the chain, and every day update site. OK, see keywords ranking, indicating the old method or effect, I feel that the old one will still be effective, so the next two months, continue to do these aspects of SEO optimization work. After two months of optimization, I got a new idea:

first, old station, old domain name weight is very high, become more difficult to move. This may be Baidu update cycle extension has a direct relationship, in the intense competition in the word (more than 20 site competition, you may be hard to do) optimization work to one or two months beyond the three or four opponents only second pages to do. Unlike three years ago, you are trying to storm a round of optimization, in the new station effect, and quickly grabbed the home in a month ahead of the front row position, the old station behind.

second, the effect of the chain is in decline, search engine algorithm becomes more complex. In this respect, I feel normal, because now the station group of pile after pile, if the chain effect >