Three key factors affecting enterprise station to retain potential customers

enterprise web site is used to reflect the image of the enterprise in the network, culture, products, services, a site.

because of the development of search engine, also make enterprise website has very big importance in its network sale. So how to make the enterprise website to highlight its own advantages in the search engine, beat competitors to keep potential customers? And its influencing factors are the following: (Note: the same page ranking in the case of


1. web site title

is the title of the website in the search engine of a slogan, do not underestimate this sentence in the advertisement title, this is the first element you attract potential customers, also affect the enterprise image, culture, because in this word but you want to tell others that you are in. What, what to do, what services, but also to contain the website in this sentence the main keywords, to simple and clear, very clear, we can say that the web page title (30 Chinese characters) is the essence of the website, the enterprise image and culture.

note: do you think a keyword title, just write the name of the enterprise, or the enterprise name + keywords such as the title above the title of comparison, do you think that potential customers will first look at the probability of which one big

?The beauty of

2. site

basically 99% of the people on the appearance of the product will not be offensive, regardless of whether the company’s product quality is good or bad, is a liar, or informal enterprises, potential customers do not understand the situation, the second elements of the website is beautiful to attract potential customers attention, a comfortable and beautiful website to make people want to continue watch it in, also is the enterprise through the website to show to potential customers as the first printing.

note: how important is the first impression to the competition? We are all adults and have the ability to think. I will not say more, hey hey,

!The layout and content of

3. site

in the title to attract potential customers through the first click, in order to beautiful sites for potential customers a good impression, then it is the layout and content to keep the site third elements of potential customers, and this point is to let potential customers through the website to further understand the enterprise culture, products, services, and in the layout for SEO, which is now the mainstream of user experience, clear expression on the website of the enterprise Xiangxi cultural background, sales of those products, product knowledge, customer service service, contact show to potential customers to understand. It affects the potential customers whether to consult the important factors of customer service.

note: the above 3 point is the enterprise website retain potential customers, and guide the basic elements of its consultation.

as far as counseling is concerned, it may translate into real transactions. Customer service personnel are the most important people at this time, because customer service personnel understand their products in the same way