Some thoughts about the website after being Baidu K

my station operation for nearly a year, behind the hard business but for 2009.5.12 this day by K, perhaps on this special day I will stand and Sichuan victims together toward the happiness of heaven, the moment I know, my master career is coming to an end.

in May 12, 2009, I also opened my web site statistics data update, the baidu column is greeted by two big zero, I still pretend that a moment of calm and said to myself: statistical fault, inaccurate data, results in the Baidu site:, just know originally is K, then I feel everything is gone, everything is finished, originally on a few hundred dollars monthly sell connection, has now become a bubble, the rest of my life how to do, how to do my site, I owe what to do, how to do too much. All of a sudden my head hurts, immediately sent a post on Ad5 for help, but this kind of thing is not the others.

May 12, 2009 is a day for China distraught, but today for me is a double pain, I never write articles for this special day, leaving some true words, as a webmaster is very reluctant to leave this stage…… but what do… The pressure of reality, the pressure of life… Ah, never say, I wish you all the best in 2009,