Tutorial summary of the new site


1, preface

two, website location and keyword analysis

three, select the appropriate CMS system

four, internal SEO skills,

five, external SEO optimization,

six, website content update,


first want to thank Admin5 for grassroots webmaster who provides excellent website platform, rich resources and webmaster communication BBS system.

I work for a IT network company, which is mainly responsible for product sales and promotion, and is interested in the field of search engine marketing at present. Zhi Wei course data network is my website for practice, on the one hand, through the systematic study of theoretical knowledge, on the other hand, the purpose of the establishment of this web site is to better apply theory to practice. After a week of planning, the site was formally launched in June 1st. Site positioning is to provide IT programming personnel knowledge data, e-book resources, download and programming tutorials, etc., from the target positioning to the site formally launched, with seven days. This is my first site, so in the process of building a lot of detours, and in this special thanks to Admin5 and your webmaster to provide valuable experience for me pointed out the direction.

due to the limited level, the article is for reference only. We welcome your valuable suggestions and suggestions. Please send your feedback to zhiweinet#gmail.com.

two website location and keyword analysis

according to their own conditions and advantages for analysis, choose their own web site type. Doing web work is like raising a child. It needs to be taken care of.

will be decided after a preliminary analysis, the website locates in the programming technology website, the audience for programming (Web) information professionals and college students, most of these people have a higher level of computer knowledge, and master the use of search engine retrieval method, and use search engines to a higher frequency of population.

programming language (Web) classification application is very extensive, and the competition is very fierce, is most of the technology are major domestic portal monopoly (search monopoly), both from the content and quality of the station coverage, are unable to compete. In view of this, I will use the extension of the related technical language as the column name. Such as: competition index high keywords, EJB tutorials, Asp.net tutorials, Struts tutorials, Hibernate tutorials and other corresponding keywords are: EJB3 tutorials, Asp.net3.5 tutorials, Struts2 tutorials, Hibernate3 tutorials. The key is by the programming language name and version number, and the technology is not widely used in China at present, these techniques provide tutorial information website is less and less, in some months later, these words will be in the search.