What about the site analysis – useful or useless KP metrics

recently analyzed some of the aspects of this concern and the related website, in which we found some observations and methods or stay in a few years ago, or only know the appearance and do not know how to summarize what we want instructive results from these data in the chart, this will be some learning check your notes and experiences here to share with you, hope to grow together.

in the Analytics (Web) field, Avinash Kausnik’s blog and books are more classic, you can hands-on guide you to practice, and give you a lot of help authoritative information. His blog is: http://s.kaushik.net/avinash/. His books are: Web Analytics: An Hour A Day (Chinese versions of Web Web Analytics master: the best from expert analysis strategy, translated and published by Tsinghua University press in September 2008), there is a new book Web Analytics (published in October 2009 2, not yet published Chinese version), more than two books can be purchased to on the Amazon website.

most of this series of articles are based on Avinash Kausnik’s blog and book learning experience, so if you want to know more details, please refer to the above information directly.

today, first of all, in the web analysis, a few of our frequently referenced KPI metrics are useful and meaningless.

page views (PV)

PV (Page View), that is, page browsing, is one of the most basic and important data of a web site (as well as UV and Visit). By definition, PV refers to a request to download a page from a web site. So, as long as it sends a request, whether you open it or not, this page is entered into a PV. PV has another saying, Page Impression, or Impression for short.

from the above definition, a website has more PV is good or not? We are usually in the evaluation of a website and the size of the value will be PV as a key evaluation data, namely the higher the PV of the site the larger value is higher. This is usually based on online advertising and the value of the opportunity to tap the judgment, a high PV pages or sites, naturally, the better the advertising, sell, the value will be correspondingly higher.

But for the

website Department of high PV, especially the single visitors PV high is good or bad is hard to say. Maybe a part of your process design is very lengthy, or navigation is not clear, resulting in visitors need to click many times to find what you want, so <