The present situation of the development of Henan automobile enterprises

in our lives on the road everywhere is a car, with the gradual popularity of cars, many families will buy a car in order to travel the whole family. Reporters learned that in the first half of this year, passenger cars and crossover passenger car sales showed a downward trend in the first half sales were 5 million 568 thousand and 600 and 423 thousand and 600, down by 3.91% and 32.61%. Among them, the micro, small car sales fell more than 20% year on year; medium-sized cars by luxury car squeeze, joint venture brands, Chinese brands become more intense.

A major reversal of the new model to increase

SUV market, competition is more intense; while the new energy vehicle market, some regions and enterprises blind development, resulting in excess capacity, coupled with the "cheat fill" after several rounds of thorough investigation, has now entered the flat period.

the second half of this year, in the face of macro downtown pressure on the economy during the off-season, the Fed rate hike, half purchase tax, cars and more challenges due to micro factors such as depression, most car companies feel the pressure, Henan car prices are no exception. Therefore, a lot of car prices to actively expand sales channels in Henan counties, increase promotional efforts, try to figure the urgent need. As far as I know, this year, many of the 4S store sales in Zhengzhou is indeed down." Zhengzhou Jinggong Mustang car sales consultant Jiang Yalong bluntly.

rapid development of a second tier cities, the coverage is relatively high, with the gradual saturation of these markets, and even more cities to purchase, the major manufacturers will focus on the transfer of the market. China’s urbanization is accelerating, the city, county market space." Li Yongfeng, Deputy Minister of marketing and marketing manager of the central region, said.

consumption level increased by

according to the Henan Provincial Bureau of statistics, in 2015 the per capita disposable income of urban residents in Henan 25576 yuan, an increase of 8% over the previous year. Rural residents per capita disposable income of 10853 yuan, an increase of 8.9% over the previous year, the province’s total retail sales of social consumer goods of $1 trillion and 574 billion 43 million, an increase of nominal growth of 12.4%. At the same time, according to Alipay statistics, 2015 Henan users pay a total ranked eighth in the country. According to Alibaba statistics, in the eleven provinces and cities nationwide trading scale Top10, Henan ranked ninth.

can be seen from the above data, Henan people’s consumption levels continue to improve. In this regard, Li Yongfeng believes that with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more car buyers become an essential choice for most families. GAC Chuan Qi at the beginning of the establishment of the proposed 4S + S cluster network marketing model, the purpose is to allow consumers to understand and buy the latest Chuan Qi series of products to meet the needs of the county and the city market demand".

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