Quit Entrepreneurship Based on science and technology project guy after 80 entrepreneurial dream rou

after 80 guy Xie Wenjun from the University of the time to start a part-time job, after a job search, entrepreneurial failure and confusion after the chase, he stood up again, and finally a round of entrepreneurial dream.

"photovoltaic panel automatic cleaning machine efficiency than manual high-pressure water washing panels to 1 times, walking in the array of photovoltaic panels, cleaning panels 4 – 4.5 MW per day, it is time-saving, this is just from the company introduced the most advanced equipment." Xie Wenjun, general manager of Xining poly innovation energy technology Co., ltd..

And now

at the University, Xie Wenjun will emerge, showing the potential of doing business. Then, in order to solve the students from the campus to the city transportation problem, he played in the vicinity of a few rent ability and cleverness, bus, car, start the campus campus tourism business, to earn his first pot of gold in life.

"since 12th Five-Year", the provincial government on the plateau, in the protection of the ecological environment of the plateau have the whole world in view, and promote the process of economic development, the establishment of the solar photovoltaic industry as a breakthrough in the two win-win idea. Xie Wenjun think, solar energy resources in Qinghai be richly endowed by nature, together with the government’s strong support, the development of solar energy industry will have a lot of space, then, relying on the solar energy industry service industry will have a rare opportunity.

"dare to think, dare to do, all things must be put into action." Xie Wenjun said. In this way, he resolutely resigned from the stable work, with only 8000 yuan savings, embarked on the road of their own business. He went to Golmud, Beijing, Shandong, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia and other places to visit, and access to the Internet to collect new energy (clean energy recommended)