Set up a reasonable position to retain more customers

almost every shop will have a cashier, and because the owner’s business ideas are different, the location of the cashier will be different. And there are a lot of places in the setting of the position of the bank is not reasonable, although it seems to have little effect, but in fact this effect is implicit in the customer’s psychology can be reflected.

once, I went to the bakery to buy bread, his cashier position is arranged at the inside of the store, to pay the cashier after I bought bread, and then leave. However, there is a bakery, his cashier at the door when I bought bread, you can directly go to the door and leave this. This will take a lot of detours. So I don’t want to go to the first bakery to buy bread. I think the second can make me feel comfortable, this is the scientific and reasonable set the position of the importance of cash register.

in my supermarket, the cashier is set at the door, so there are many benefits. Firstly, the convenience of customers, the customer carry a lot of things, in the entrance to the money can leave, or carry a lot of things have to walk around in the supermarket, not only is our customers will feel tired, the owner will feel uncomfortable, in addition the supermarket space is relatively small, the development of customer more It is without rhyme or reason. detours is not conducive to the supermarket.

in addition, the cashier set at the door, you can enter the door when the customer, and the customer Hello, enhance mutual affection. Again, the cashier set at the door can also be timely to understand the situation in front of the supermarket, easy to operate scientifically. Because of the reasonable location of my cashier, I have a lot of repeat customers.

so, want the cashier can store to increase sales of higher product, create more profits, not only do the cashier display of goods, but also need to set up the cashier position, so as to get the recognition of consumers, and retain more customers, get back a lot of passengers.