You better business management

is also a shop to do business, some shopkeepers like to haggle over, but can not make any money, and some shopkeepers are willing to consider from the customer’s point of view, to earn profits but more lucrative. Although Li autumn is also very powerful, can be diminished, the temperature is 35, 36 degrees, barbecue mode continues, big morning sweat like column, like the sun at noon under fire, I dare not go out. Today is the market day, people go to the market early on came to buy cigarettes, the sky was blue, a cloud of slag are not, a look at the sky, I know today is not a good day. One after another, someone came to buy water to drink, to buy ice cream to eat, called "hot dead".

I played in the shop air conditioning, so that people go to the market, into the shop cool for a while. The hot weather is good for US retailers, hot days, store water and ice to sell quickly, and with the summer, many children, while a box of ice cream will go down a lot, my heart.

is an old woman led a girl standing at the door, the old lady said: "girl, my child is ill just, not to drink unboiled water, can you give us some water to drink?" "Yes, I’ll give you water with a paper cup." I entered the room, took out his aunt and each girl to pour a cup of cool for a while, let them into the store. She took the paper cup and said: "thank you, and we do not buy things, in which way to move feet, to a cup of water is good, cool and feel shy." "The store wide fast, no matter, cool for a while, then go drinking water." "This girl is really good."

more and more people go to the market, I am busy with business. She had said; "girl, this is my own kind of mung bean, give you hands, this is small mung bean mung bean, mung bean than in the supermarket to eat, but also to cooked, summer boil mung bean soup and cooling." "How can this be? So expensive mung bean, you still get back to drink."

I quickly put down the matter, holding the aunt’s hand. Aunt anxious: "you too few or too dirty." "Not! That’s not the case…… Good mung bean 6 yuan a pound, so expensive things." I let go. "Their own kind of drink, and then do not sell expensive, take it." I do not say anything, holding the aunt to the mung bean, especially grateful. I give her the money she also does not want, how simple the old man.

"this color is really good, is just down the new mung bean, mung bean soup must be good." Right! Today, such a hot day, kindly aunt gave me the mung bean, why don’t I let you boil mung bean taste, it might turn popularity. I add the rice cooker full of water, Amoy good mung bean, plug in the electricity will not have to tube. After more than an hour, mung bean soup cooked, pour in a stainless steel bowl, put in front of the sun umbrella on the table of the goods receipt, to boil mung bean soup on top of cool, add a few disposable cups, let people go to the market and the way.