How to open early education center

how to open early education center? This is a common question many novice investors. If you want to seize the opportunity to become rich in the education sector, how should we start investing? Xiao Bian today to share some practical experience, I hope you can learn novice.

Cost of

except jiamengfei and decoration, equipment, teaching aids, rent, now, we are in Zhengzhou to open a 200 square meters of the center as an example, because Zhengzhou is the two city level, then the initial investment are:

jiamengfei: general to 12–18 million

the cost: 1 square meters to 500–600 yuan

then the cost of late, there are three main pieces:

this is basically a level two city opened a development center to count the money, of course, is a city according to different levels, and the size of stores, the cost will be different. There are differences between the various early education center, recommended