Hudajie potato powder to join the cost and join conditions

said the potato powder snacks to join many investors are competing for the selected items to join Hudajie potato powder, but some investors do not understand the situation, to finally get the opportunity to join lost in vain, below small here to tell you Hudajie potato powder join how much money and what conditions to join.

single investment of 20~50 million

belongs to the industry catering > snacks

stores a total of 500

operating range snacks

potato powder is a famous snack of Chinese Han nationality, because of its unique taste and won the favor of the world, from the Ming Dynasty has been spread to the present, to become a generation of food. Hudajie potato powder since its inception, has been adhering to the integrity management, service first, the pursuit of quality, pay attention to the taste of the business philosophy, continue to carry forward the Chinese delicacy culture, the brand into the Central Plains first snack. At present, Hudajie has carried out dozens of stores, products covered include potato powder, 12 series, more than and 200 varieties. Now in the domestic Chinese fast food chain, has become one of the largest and most famous brand. So there is a lot of concern to investors, Hudajie potato powder jiamengfei? What will we join? Xiaobian below for everyone in detail.

Hudajie potato powder jiamengfei

franchisees need to pay the initial fee is the fee, margin and royalties, the specific costs according to the franchisee’s investment type. The amount of investment of a Hudajie potato powder stores in about 20-50 million.

Hudajie potato powder to join

a, a legal qualification, with independent civil capacity.

two, there is a certain start-up capital.

three, have a good personal reputation.

four, a suitable place for catering business.

five, to comply with the company’s various operating policies.

From the point of view of

Hudajie potato flour jiamengfei and join conditions, which joined the threshold is not high, suitable for various types of investors. From the point of view of investment type, fast food business is relatively easy, the risk is relatively small. Hudajie potato powder store for a variety of areas, schools, residential areas, shopping malls, supermarkets, and even the station, attractions and other places can be opened. Initial investment is not large, easy to operate