You should first understand the partnership five points

all partners in the business, there must be some relationship in private, for example, is their friends and family, or classmates, the same time, or friends and relatives introduced…… Wait。 Can become a partner in entrepreneurship, can be regarded as a kind of fate, but also need to pay attention to a lot of business partners, we must first understand the five points.

1, friends do not cooperate, cooperate with friends.

if encountered two names of others do not talk to each other the business partnership topic, all together, must have involved emotionally, or friends or classmates, comrades, or friends, or help students comrades… In short, thousands of miles cause line pull it, there is no reason not to go to work together. Now some people in the online investment, I see the possibility of success is not large, it is not in line with China’s national conditions and human feelings, no one else is difficult to believe in bridging the general.

2, to be fair, to make a reversal.

if it wants to cooperate, we must seek a fair. What is fair, that is, if you are able to accept the conditions or interests you give him, this is called to be fair, to turn upside down, it seems that the western region of the spoken language. If you are not willing to accept the upside down, then you don’t force people to accept, it should be very aware of the truth, but we often do not want to think of this problem, must lay hidden, until the outbreak of the day, you should get afraid I can not get, or in advance for others about the good. Is "do not do to others"?

3, outside how to bluff and deceive ", (board of directors) must go home to tell the truth.


4, eat a small loss of his own, let him take advantage of.

world everything is not absolutely fair, you take the front door I let him take the wrong, you do not smoke, do not let him for a box of cigarettes I see nothing wrong with it, if you do not smoke, let him take the foot of the smoke, I think this thing is good to discuss.

5, always set rules