Longquan college students sent out three major gifts

graduated from the University in which entrepreneurship development business, the younger generation of students have more courage than their predecessors and innovation spirit now, they are more willing to engage in challenging entrepreneurial activities, for a good foundation for my career life.

"rural entrepreneurship incubator provides me with office facilities, warehousing, logistics personnel and technical support, entrepreneurial guidance and other one-stop incubation services, provides a great convenience for my own business." Recently, a new line of business busy Xiaojiang said to reporters.

to small loans and other support policies as a lever to provide power source for the entrepreneurial college students, give priority support, focus on helping college graduates entrepreneurial intention. 2015 issued 13 thousand and 700 yuan subsidy for college students entrepreneurship, employment subsidies to college students to provide demonstration base of $358 thousand. At the same time, and by letter, finance and other departments jointly issued "on the college students employment and entrepreneurship demonstration base and business model development work opinions", three year plan to cultivate college students employment and entrepreneurship demonstration base 10, students pacesetter 30 people, has been awarded a demonstration base 4, 10 college students entrepreneurial model.

"agricultural products online market has great potential in the Employment Bureau of the electricity supplier after the training, I shop has been open, the next step I’m going to use" Internet plus "led the villagers to get rich together." In eight of the town do a family farm Zou Weilin said. In order to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, I also actively carry out the students start to lead the program of entrepreneurship training 4, training 771 people; cultivate the students start to lead the program start 123. Rural entrepreneurship incubator was established, the initial formation of entrepreneurship Park project 51, settled more than 60 network operators, electricity supplier business personnel more than 100 people, direct employment staff more than 300 people, the electricity supplier in 2015 sales of 120 million yuan business building.

multiple packs to open a new door for entrepreneurship of college students in Longquan, and provides great convenience for the majority of students do poineering work independently, solve the university graduates and the annual increase is recommended