Suitable for women’s mobile phone

a fashionable mobile phone, it is very useful for female friends. Now the market has a lot of mobile phone brands, female friends in the purchase, they want to find a suitable for women’s mobile phone. So, for women’s mobile phone what?

oppo  R3

What are the

IPHONE  5/5s/6

Forgive small, regardless of price, apple must be at the recommended, if not just hope iPhone is cheap, you will not regret the choice, either MM or GG. Fresh and beautiful appearance, is the iPhone Unisex, excellent function and smooth performance, Photo Features and video entertainment, to meet almost all the requirements of the use of mobile phones. However, the price and the limitations of the application, will always be the most criticized iphone.

What are the

Default no headset accessories, is one reason why only 4 meters in third, for the love of music MM, buy a mobile phone at the same time also buy a headset, really can not accept things. In addition, the rigid body design, rough feel is still the place to upgrade 4 meters. The metal texture of the frame and the curved plastic shell of the back cover are not comfortable