What are the cake shop promotion methods

now no matter which industry shop management, can not do without such a means of promotion, but also how to take the promotion of the way, the business development of the store will have a great influence. For this reason, after the cake shop opened, we will generally cooperate with a number of advertising and promotional tools to improve the visibility of the cake shop, enhance the cake shop sales of single items. After small series analysis, we found that some of the following promotions are very effective, and I hope that through the promotion of sales and promotion of the cake shop friends can seriously study.

now the cake shop competition has reached an unprecedented intensity, every day because of poor management and fiasco, but every day there are new cake shop was born. According to the observation of the number of years, cake shop business failure rate reached more than 50%, this is not to say that this cake shop very difficult business, but in the past has been as easy to industry, now a successful business, must use the scientific management methods and adopt proper marketing methods and combination the actual situation of the business before the normal operation. Among these factors, the method of promotion is very important. General cake shop more common promotion methods are as follows:

one. Reflect personality, clearly visible point appearance

excellent point of view design allows people to look at one can remember, through its appearance can be initially estimated the type of shop, grade, and can cause the corresponding market segments of concern. The McDonald’s golden arches " m" has become a symbol of joy.

should pay attention to whether the external decoration of the cake shop will make customers misunderstand the price must be very high, so that they dare not rush into the consumer. In this case, if the shop in the location of the establishment of a significant price card, which can eliminate the concerns of customers can be assured of access to consumption.

two. Homemade advertising shop

store advertising (POP AD), which includes store advertising, window display and placed on the table, posted on the wall of the price list, etc..

in the production of advertising should pay attention to the following two points:

1. select the appropriate number of ads. Too much advertising in the store will destroy the inherent characteristics of the store, the atmosphere, but will weaken the effect of advertising, so the focus should be placed on the basic product signs.

2. note posting location.

three. Television, radio, newspapers and other mass media

cake shop before deciding to use the media advertising must be careful analysis of the coverage of the media, the main audience, the audience and