Smoke Hotel promotion needs to do the preparatory work

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to a variety of holidays, a variety of shops began to carry out a variety of promotional activities, however, if you want to make these promotions really effective, in fact, are required to do a good job of pre preparation. In short, if you want to smoke the hotel sales promotion effect is good, the preparatory work can not be less.

in Chinese communication means and ways, tobacco and wine will not be ignored, people have friends and relatives have the habit of giving cigarettes and wine. While many of the holiday gave us a chance of reciprocity. Many businesses have holidays as a promotional opportunities can not be missed, so there is the phenomenon of holiday promotions together. How to get together in the promotion of the customer to get the hand, the experience is worth learning Chengdu breeze cigarette Zhang boss.

Zhang boss is a caring person, I pay particular attention to the preferences of the guests, usually they like what brand of wine, what kind of smoke, which consumption is often recorded in mind. A month ago, I began to call them, or when they come to the shop to tell them, I want to have a promotion during the festival, what need to drink alcohol to call to book." This will not only allow consumers to feel your enthusiasm for the service, but also to make their own operators in the holiday promotions when there is a clear direction, when the purchase will know.

reservation in advance is very important, Ji’nan smoke smoke hotel boss Lee also very much agree with the boss said. "I have a large business near the store, a good relationship, usually I will get the goods, but they will encounter a large supermarket will choose, the competition is very fierce. In order to win the customers this year, one month before the Mid Autumn Festival, I began to contact with each other, I usually use accumulated customer resources to collect their unit group purchase information, according to their needs and give them preferential, the customer for hand before taking action in other businesses, I actively win each other the identity. No, I’ve already booked several big deals."

used to carry out every kind of business promotional activities during the holidays, everyone wants to share in this market share, in the face of the situation, can only be a pre emptive. Holidays are fixed, smoke hotel boss can be fully prepared before the festival to deal with the promotion of war, do not fight the battle unprepared.

today’s shopping malls are often more brutal than the battlefield, so unprepared war is probably difficult to succeed, not to mention the profits for investors. So, if you are a smoke hotel boss, want to rely on promotions to create more revenue, then the preparation in advance also need to do a oh.