Li Suli do things seriously, carefully

each person’s style of doing things are not the same, the attitude will naturally have a great deal of difference. The national model worker Li Suli had said such a sentence: "serious work can only do things right, intentions to do things well." I have been engaged in cigarette retail for 22 years, during which experienced ups and downs, the ups and downs only you can understand, "heart" is my biggest harvest cigarette business wealth, I will own the heart of the business a bit to share with you.

hold the bottom line

as the saying goes "gold silver cup, as word of mouth." This also reflects the true meaning of the shop operation. In 21 years, I have been on the ground from the formal channels of purchase, law-abiding, diligent, do things, sell genuine, establish a good reputation, has won a good reputation, business nature is full of sound and colour.

grasp the time node

I run a small shop, shop in front of a specially installed incandescent lamp, especially eye-catching before dawn. According to the evening hours around the workers, I usually in the morning more than five points to open, regardless of seasons, One principle runs through it all. This time the big shopping malls, supermarkets have not yet opened, the shop before the incandescent light brought me a number of long-term customers – want to buy cigarettes workers. Most of them buy medium and low cigarette smoke, such as shopping malls, supermarkets have opened, I have almost completed the daily turnover of more than half.

grasp the operating rules

as a cigarette retail households, hand can not be tight". Regardless of the new and old customers, friends, as long as my shop to shop, I will take the initiative to send a cigarette or a cup of tea, close the distance between the guests. For new cigarette, I will let the customer first try; for weddings and funerals in the customer, I will provide advance booking, delivery service. Years of careful management, I have not only retain the old customers, new customers are growing.

how to deal with customers, will directly affect the attitude of the customer to the store, and then affect the management of the store later. The ancients have cloud: "clear spring, flowing water." At the same time we give the heart to the customer, the customer will take us as friends.