How to open a Hong Kong Style dessert shop

dessert is a favorite food of many friends, Hong Kong Style dessert has been a favorite of many consumers, then, if you open a Hong Kong Style dessert shop, how to open a better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

one, choose the familiar industry

the most direct way is to choose the industry with the past work experience, the content or the background of the industry. How to open a Hong Kong Style dessert store? On the one hand, the market is familiar with the industry, can reduce the risk of operation; on the other hand, the shop is flexible, the industry will get started quickly, can create economic benefits as soon as possible.

two, commodity display must be unique

how to open a Hong Kong Style dessert store? Small store space, in order to attract passers-by to stop spending, you have to spend more time on the display of goods. It is often best to change the display of goods, giving people a fresh feeling.

three, to create a sales atmosphere

popular Wang, will naturally attract customers to come, in the absence of people, but also from time to time to organize the goods, adjust the display. How to open a Hong Kong Style dessert store? Don’t sit in front of legs crossed, make potential customers or the reverse psychology class goods store. Sales should not be too enthusiastic to give customers a sense of discomfort, nor too cold, so that customers feel strange.

four, cumulative discount

customers for the first time, you can give him a membership card, the second time, the goods can be hit ten percent off, the third time to hit the twenty percent off, the fourth hit thirty percent off, after the shopping can play a total of thirty percent off. How to open a Hong Kong Style dessert store? In this way, the money may earn a little less, but the store is strong enough to withstand the risk of a recession. This is the strategy adopted by the majority of small shops, is the so-called long line fishing for big fish.

five, to cultivate customer loyalty with quality service

how to open a Hong Kong Style dessert store? Best to try to catch every door; the best can remember the old customer preferences, and they may take the initiative to introduce the love of goods; in addition, accept the order or goods alone speed customers fast, also can enhance consumer loyalty. This point does not need to explain too much, the most fundamental thing is to operate your customer service.

six, operating the new

to quickly reflect the popularity of the development of special goods, so that customers have "do not buy this, the next can not buy," the popular feeling. Fresh, personality is often young consumption >