Matters needing attention in inventory chain management

hunger breeds discontentment, which not only affect the food industry operators consumers, even for society is very important problem of food enterprise operation convenience store chain, here small sums up some matters needing attention, hope you learn a lesson.

Second, cost. The rise of chain convenience stores increases the cost of suppliers. In the past, suppliers only need to deal with a large variety of fees, such as the couple do not need extra cost. But now, the chain of convenience stores through mergers and other means to integrate the local store, the supplier will pay a lot of money to them, not much less than the number of super. For suppliers, operating costs increased, the workload increased, but sales did not increase significantly.

Third, account period. Due to the longer period of the store, so the supplier to take greater risks. Before the operation of grocery stores are cash on the spot, there is no risk. Although the workload is a little bit smaller, but the chain of convenience stores account for more than six months in general, most of them can not checkout on time, so the risk of suppliers. Plus often collection, demanding and laborious.

Fourth, more than a small package. Such convenience stores provide emergency consumption, therefore, small packaging products are more acceptable. Especially now, many convenience stores for consumers money, did not change the case for one or two pieces of candy as a substitute. This also gives some small food manufacturers to provide the opportunity. It is also a good choice to produce such goods which can be replaced by small change.

The general manager of

A, management, services hard place. Due to the convenience stores, small scale, so the supplier to maintain store is difficult to reach the ideal state. In addition, because some of the convenience stores are franchised stores, suppliers not only to negotiate with the headquarters, but also to negotiate with the store alone, increasing the workload of suppliers.

two, capital stock is facing challenges. Due to the convenience store and the big super, there are accounts period, there is a franchise fee. And many convenience stores, funds back to headquarters, the headquarters will have a process of processing, capital rotation, more slowly. If the flow of funds on the optimization of lax control, prone to problems. In Kunming, there is a chain of pharmacies, health home, there are more than and 300 stores in the local use their own scale