What are the famous anti radiation pregnant women

with the environment and other factors, more and more radiation around the life, our health is bound to cause more and more influence, resulting in more and more trouble! Expectant mothers as the focus of the protection of the object, but also to take care of, then, what is the name of the current radiation pregnant women who have? May wish to come together to understand!

Tim radiation-proof clothes

Shanghai brand, radiation-proof clothes ten brands, Shanghai Tianxiang Co. ltd.. Start up in Shandong’s domestic brands, Tim radiation-proof clothes cost is not high, because in the radiation proof fabric production earlier, so to occupy a certain share in the domestic market. Shanghai Tianxiang clothing brand operation company is committed to the functional clothing market, to create "Tim" -T.X. has become one of the world’s first brand of anti radiation!

as people of fangfu products continue to appeal to anti radiation products increasing demand, fangfu market increasingly unpopular, countless opportunities! The above Xiaobian for you to sum up a number of major brands of radiation protection clothing, I hope to help you find the project!