The first day of the opening of the Hongkong open 3

double wind has been blown to the Oriental Pearl Hongkong, Hongkong this year than in previous entrepreneurial atmosphere has improved, people after graduating from college students interested in Entrepreneurship also began to increase. December 3rd, the first Hongkong hit off the open section, to build an exchange platform for entrepreneurs in Hongkong.

12 on the first day of the opening of the first 3 days in Hongkong, young people burst out of entrepreneurial enthusiasm is impressive. Hongkong entrepreneurial atmosphere? What are the constraints? How to deal with? A passenger section chairman, Hongkong Information Technology Federation President Qiu Dagen, and a guest Festival Executive Chairman, President of Internet Professional Association Hong Weimin, a guest Festival Executive Chairman, chairman of Hongkong Software Association Yang Quansheng answers are given.

The number of

rapid growth of start-ups

about entrepreneurship situation of Hongkong, a survey of three people invariably mentioned the ecological venture invest Hongkong announced in September this year. Survey shows that the number of start-up companies in Hongkong, sharing the work space and the number of entrepreneurial growth centers. The investment promotion agency visited 40 shared workspace and entrepreneurial incubator and accelerator operators, and found a total of 1558 start-up companies operating in these entrepreneurial space, an increase of 46%. These start-ups offer a total of 4535 working space, an increase of 60%.

is way beyond the Hongkong vision