How to decorate the tea restaurant

a shop decoration style, will be able to have a direct impact on the late stage of the business progress of the store, so if you want to be able to successfully open a tea restaurant, the decoration is to pay attention to what? How to decorate is best?

1. under normal circumstances, the tea restaurant decoration design should be simple, bright, giving a natural, comfortable feeling. On the side of the road to install large landing glass, not only let the customer see the bustling streets, also let pedestrians to see an elegant restaurant shop; soft outfit, light must match the colour, the best is warm. Decoration cost control in 200 yuan / square meter.

2. decoration details. In order to improve the quality of service, tea restaurant to put a TV, an antique shelf; in the sink mark "for the sake of your health, please wash your hands"; the best design into a bar shaped cashier, table napkins, leaflets, printed with Tea Restaurant Address lighters, cashier cabinet, Taiwan can display a variety of wine, decorations, hanging glass, the first impression to the customer relaxed and thoughtful.

3. personalized design. Each restaurant must have an eye-catching design, for example, the design of a message board or sticker in the small stage hall, convenient communication between customers and restaurant, customers and customers; can also according to the size of the venue, consider increasing the smoking room and children’s entertainment district. Note: in the tea restaurant, be sure to do ventilation and fire prevention measures.

4. decoration of the top priority – kitchen. Industry sources said: some tea restaurant operators to save the cost of renovation, only focus on the decoration of the hall and private rooms, compressed kitchen renovation costs, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. The kitchen is not obvious in the early effects of tea restaurant, because the traffic is small, but at a later stage, when the shop dishes to attract more and more customers to patronize, kitchen design substandard, poor equipment, will likely result in customer loss due to the slow food.