Yuyao City Federation of trade unions called for employees to participate in innovation and entrepre

"13th Five-Year

" construction officially began construction of a new round of innovation to a new level, to achieve the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, trade unions play an important guiding role, effectively stimulate the staff’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

to workers in the city of technological progress as a link to improve the technical quality of week workers to enhance innovation ability of workers, skilled technical workers play in tackling difficulties in the leading role of the demonstration of ten specific measures, and the implementation of the city, town (street) two unions of contact helping enterprise system, and strive to maximize to stimulate staff’s entrepreneurial innovation and excellence vitality, serve the local economic and social development as a new show.

entrepreneurs can come from all walks of life, gives birth to a successful business on behalf of the masses of workers can also. The innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good business climate in Yuyao city in 13th Five-Year, the wave of entrepreneurship to set off.

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