Stewardess tax evasion 140 thousand was sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years and 6 months

purchasing is now popular, the number of air hostesses and empty less bring the opportunity to earn extra money, but also to make money reasonable and legitimate. Do the purchasing in the aircraft crew chief power, airline stewardess is also found 140 thousand tax evasion, the investigation has made the relevant aspects of the punishment.

Airline stewardess

with nearly 300 thousand yuan luxury airline stewardess do not declare the entry

2012 at 4:30 on October 25th or so, China International Uni Airways Corporation flight landing, the flight crew no declaration of goods. Capital airport customs inspection department staff of the five section of the forest signaled all the crew will be put into the luggage X inspection.

"when the machine check to a named single airline stewardess, we found that the abnormal image display luggage." Lin said that after investigation, a single luggage the Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Weedon and other 28 brand items, the instrument display, the above items worth 37746 euros (equivalent to RMB 300 thousand yuan).

2012 October 25th, the capital airport customs inspection department will be a single suspected smuggling crime clues to the anti smuggling bureau. January 6, 2013, the anti smuggling Bureau on a single smuggling ordinary goods investigation.