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Hong Kong style tea restaurant is a more familiar form of food and beverage, but also a very popular consumer food products. At the same time as a high-end food consumption of Western food brand development has now been in the popular route. "Squid" brand is a collection of more than Western-style food industry experts to create a high level of Western meals plus Hong Kong dessert fashion brand restaurant chain. "Squid" brand to devote themselves to the development of thousands of Chinese people for western style meals delicacy, the production of sophisticated products, nutrition and health, rich taste, taste to meet a variety of consumer groups, and store the environment elegant, comfortable, fashionable crowd is preferred. In 2013, a strong presence in the mainland market Chinese squid, squid in January 2013 Chinese the first mainland brand outlets located in Guangzhou, Yuexiu District.

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branch is committed to "culture advocating craftsman, Houde contained art", unknown to the public to do quality. A research team and the industry’s most powerful central kitchen factory, and reached a depth of cooperation with Japan’s leading food ingredients manufacturer Ikeda saccharification group, provide materials for seasoning bag and dessert squid, ensure the products taste thousands of stores such as a.

squid product taste fashion, to become delicious, pasta, fried rice, including soup, sandwiches, salad, rice, pizza, Hong Kong style snacks, desserts, Chinese dessert, drink more than two species, species. Compared with the traditional food and beverage industry, with drinks + snacks + staple food + dessert combination of different categories, more product choices, customer price is higher, an average of 40 yuan.

will use the power of each branches brand strength of their franchisees in the business on the road with the company and brands together to create Chinese mainland and global Western-style food market, we look forward to your joining, please advice message!