How to do a good job in the display of cigarettes

a smoke hotel business, if the product is all uneven display, I am afraid it is difficult to attract consumers. Therefore, the retail cigarette business seems to be simple, but there are many internal laws and techniques. Today, I would like to do a good job on the display of the brand cigarette samples to communicate with everyone, the purpose is to do fine, do a good job of cigarette sales, and constantly improve the level of retail customers cigarette management.

shop is like a person’s face, good merchandise display can to store business environment create comfortable atmosphere, so that customers are easy to see, easy, happy to buy the necessary goods, increase the store sales opportunities, improve store sales. According to the authoritative department survey: 70% of customers believe that the quality of goods is the main reason to attract them to come to shopping, showing the importance of commodity display on store sales.

What is the role of specific

to display goods, I simply summed up the following four points: one is to establish a good image of the store; two is conducive to stimulate customer consumption, improve product sales; three is conducive to the cultivation of key brands; four is conducive to customers convenient and fast to buy. There are a lot of goods on display, and today we mainly talk about how to do a good job of cigarette sample display.

display shop cigarette samples in our market, there are three general types, the first is put in the cigarette sales special counter display, the display of the shops are generally larger than the supermarket or tobacco monopoly store; the second is placed on the shelf display, shelves or wooden structures the metal structure, the display of shops in general stores is small, from the city to meet the eye everywhere village shop convenience store; the third is placed in a special cigarette cigarette samples display cabinets display, display cabinets in general little more by the factory for the promotion of new brand, issued to some influential tobacco stores or stores. We generally come into contact with the first and second cases.

first, to talk about the cigarette display order.

There are three main methods of

cigarette display order:

is the first in cigarette prices display: according to the cigarette retail price from high to low or from low to high in the display, the same grade, the price of cigarettes classified together, is convenient for consumers to choose different brands of cigarettes according to their own preferences, this kind of method is more common, we in the general store all you can see, the advantage is to facilitate the customer to make a choice in the purchase of cigarettes;

is the second kind of cigarette manufacturers display: that is, according to different manufacturers, types of specifications for display, the same manufacturer of different brands in accordance with the type of specifications are displayed together, through the sub branch out of the family