Traders Hotel which brand is very important to join the program

today’s life, some business type hotel chain can be said to be more welcomed by the people, at the same time, whether it is you in the process of going out for business or tourism, tend to choose to live business hotel, now the business hotel is very popular.

along with "total two children" deal with the good in continuous fermentation, "family fun" is also optimistic about the industry. In the "Travel +" era, a new round of hotel investment boom into a trend. Compared to boutique theme hotel investment, eliminated quickly, difficult, capital chain inn, Traders Hotel join cold, low investment costs, payback period is short, both revenue and good reproducibility, is the most promising project for investors. Traders Hotel to join the program which, how to choose a good project?

Traders Hotel to join the program, to choose suitable Traders Hotel brand to join

brand for consumers is not just a question of price, as well as standardized products and service quality, hotel culture, hotel and identification etc.. Traders Hotel is Traders Hotel market in recent years to join a dark horse, domestic small and medium-sized city located in the two or three line, the hotel launched a new Internet model, through all aspects of the smart hotel, booking, payment, from the WeChat electric door, etc. at one time, energy conservation and environmental protection experience excellent. Data show that the wisdom Hotel solutions for Traders Hotel franchisee, can reduce the manufacturing cost, but also the human liberation front, to increase user stickiness, improve user experience, to ensure the stability of tourist hotel. Traders Hotel hotel to join Internet model advocate Internet, convenient experience, while both economy and high cost, adapt to the Traders Hotel to join the trend of development, to meet the individual needs of different consumers, has become a new hot spot for hotel owners to join the competing "".

Hotel belongs to the construction industry, for the nature of the land for commercial or comprehensive properties. Therefore, whether the housing rental investors or their own, whether the property is clear, whether commercial housing, the property of the building structure is suitable for the transformation of the system evaluation.

three to join the program, Traders Hotel, Hotel Kontrast brand system can provide the hotel to join the condition, cost and can give support to join.

according to the latest statistics to join Traders Hotel is not difficult to see that the single housing renovation costs about 3-4.5 million, compared with Home Inns, Hanting single room 60 thousand yuan renovation costs, Traders Hotel called the hotel industry to join   "the investment cost of the hunter". In return, 2-3 back to the investment cycle, back to the store after the 35% annual rate of return; compared with the cost recovery period most of the Econo Hotel brand 5-6, joining the Traders Hotel is more quick return of investment advantage. Of course, this is a series of attractive figures, the Traders Hotel to join the cohesion of the recommended