t is easy to do business in this way (two)

, a well-known manufacturer of disinfectant in China, before going to the spring, "SARS", it is faced with the contradiction between market demand and insufficient production capacity. In the face of this situation, it was proposed to find foreign aid to joint approach to make up the gap and resolve the risk of investment funds. However, the business owners are worried that the partners can not control, and that there are those who find partners, talk about cooperation, not as good as their own slow rolling development, and thus put this proposal on the shelf. To spring sudden "SARS" and rapidly enlarge the disinfectant Market, finally let the conservative boss suffered, not only should not earn money, and several other similar enterprises in one fell swoop over by "SARS" an opportunity to become the industry enterprise. Investors in investment activities, not only to speak independently, but also to talk about cooperation. Appropriate cooperation (including joint venture) can make up for the shortcomings of both sides, so that small and medium-sized enterprises in the market to gain a firm foothold. If the entrepreneur regardless of the actual situation, all alone, it is likely to delay the development of enterprises. After all, profit sharing is better than none. The spring and Autumn Period Warring States is about hezonglianheng, investors still need to have a certain mind.

obsessed with leadership and seek partners over weak