2012 want to make money to do Taobao

is now more and more advanced with the development of network technology, the network began to enter into all aspects of people’s lives, many investors also took a fancy to the network in this new field of money. Amoy treasure mall is independent to join the venture capital project, a lot of money.

Amoy treasure independent mall joined for customer, Haier offers services and pay treasure Amoy treasure is comparable to the software, its core value lies in the control of the top value of electronic commerce, customer automation and fund management. Amoy treasure mall is committed to independent enterprises to build independent store all data, independent control, independent of all customers share, as long as the enterprises want to build their own business platform, Amoy treasure independent mall is absolutely not to lack there.

Amoy treasure independent mall joined less upfront investment: sales without operating stores, no inventory, low start-up costs.

Amoy treasure mall to join the independent high gross margin, low risk: Seventy percent off supply, sell a million profit to be made, you can easily return to the 4 sets of sales.

Amoy treasure mall to join independent means of profit: 4S shop sales profit model, to make quick money, earn money to make money selling service slow; Amoy treasure, and domain name registration, server rental, more money shop operations support outsourcing services.

Amoy treasure independent mall joined lasting profitability: high Weibo software has a number of UFIDA software related products strategic partner, once the franchisee has customers, sales of products will be inexhaustible.

The first layer:

online shop

second layer:

online promotion

promote their platform is very important, such as why Carrefour, Auchan, RT mart to advertise, because they need to set off a large number of rate. On the Internet platform, if you do not promote the Internet, then your shop is equivalent to open in the no man, no one will ignore.

third layers: online negotiation