Ningbo Haishu employment and entrepreneurship help 232 college students to achieve Entrepreneurship

double positive response activities, Ningbo Haishu district since 2014 on the establishment of a unique "employment", more than a year helped tens of thousands of people in employment, and supporting a number of university students on the go off the road of entrepreneurship.

"to find a satisfactory job at home, you really have to thank the community." Live in Shunde Vista community Aunt Chen successfully re employment in Liyuan community employment project manager’s help, began to work in a car 4S shop. Aunt Chen is pleased to say that this work is not only stable, but also good income.

now has two fruit store Tian convincing city came to Ningbo in 2010, did express, security, as an apprentice in automotive beauty shop. In the project manager’s help, Tian Xiaocheng attended SYB training, with new ideas and Thoughts on employment and entrepreneurship, finally through market research opened a fruit shop, now more prosperous business. I thought that this SYB class just talk, is the patience of the project manager to communicate, let me seize the opportunity to identify the entrepreneurial path." Tian Xiaocheng talked about this experience is full of gratitude, but also hope that more people can be like him, through the help of the government embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

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