Zhang Mao, director general of the Bureau of industry and Commerce the prosperity of entrepreneurial

Since 2014,

put forward the slogan of "public entrepreneurship and innovation", our country has gradually promoted the construction of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.

"at present, China’s economic boom has begun to enter entrepreneurship and innovation." At a press conference held this afternoon, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhang Mao said.

data show that in 2015, the new market is 14 million 798 thousand households, an increase of 14.5%, of which 4 million 339 thousand enterprises, 21.6% more than the previous year. The new subject of the registered capital of 2 billion 899 million yuan, an increase of 52%, enterprise average is 6 million 520 thousand yuan. In Beijing, Zhongguancun, the average daily birth of enterprises reached 222, last year, the national average annual increase of more than 10000 enterprises in, was in 2014 of 1, before the reform is a family of 6900.

"we go to research, found that the development of many industries is indeed before we did not expect." Over the past period of time, Zhang Mao has been a lot of entrepreneurship. He said, there are entrepreneurial phenomenon everywhere, you can feel the world economic situation is so complex, the downward pressure on the economy is so large, the Chinese society has entrepreneurial enthusiasm."

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