The legendary chef buffet catering will be combined with rinse roast barbecue and perfect Hot pot

now young people in pursuit of food and beverage brands have? Throughout the entire food and beverage industry, the popularity of nothing more than two kinds, one barbecue, hot pot is the two. It’s such a store to understand consumer tastes, combining with a perfect Hot pot barbecue, catering to the new mythology, it is the legendary chef rinse roast buffet, rinse roast buffet barbecue chef legend, and Hot pot, beckoning!


legend self-help rinse roast food industry will be a combination of Hot pot and barbecue restaurant brand. A table, in the middle of the infrared oven, to ensure safety, ingredients will not be baked paste, and no smoke, no fire. The oven placed around the electromagnetic oven small Hot pot, the South Korean army Hot pot, Hot pot Yuanyang, Sichuan hot Hot pot and so on, vegetables, cattle, sheep, fish, everything can be boiled, everything can be roasted, table 2 eat, a table of hundreds more delicious, 100 kinds of characteristics of Korean cuisine, ensure diners endless. This will be the integration of the hot pot barbecue catering business format, become popular nowadays young people dining style – self rinse roast – hot pot barbecue to eat together.

has been a friend to dinner Tastes differ all tastes. very troublesome thing. The legendary chef buffet rinse roast shop creative combination of rich dishes, to meet the people of all tastes. The legendary chef health soup pan Wang combined with technological innovation and business innovation, the new variety of food items, Hot pot Shabu, barbecue, steamed and eat together, a table, a variety of delicacy to eat, do not make people happy?

now legendary chef buffet rinse roast shop, there are many options available to the shop address, and each position has a broad target population. Shopping malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, can walk street, leisure square, schools, residential areas, people flow characteristics, ensure the sanitation and safety, "Chef legend" can begin to convey its unique taste and flavor. The legendary chef rinse roast buffet, an innovative form of delicacy, with its rich charm, there are a number of franchise support policy, let you put it down to business, easily open the road of entrepreneurship!