William Feng asked the police to comply with the traffic rules three stars

recently, "three strikes" of the film, William Feng is famous, but recently he seems to stand on the thing. Handsome boy has been very cool handsome, but also riding a motorcycle ride on the hot sun handsome, therefore, the traffic police asked William Feng three.

recently generation guy William Feng drying out the high-speed motorcycle photos, is narcissistic when did not want to be Beijing police and Tianjin police questioned again and again, see the handsome policeman must be scared out in a cold sweat, honest answer problem of traffic police.

in addition also specifically thanked Mr handsome conscientious police uncle, in fact when we search on the Internet will be difficult to find a lot of big stars have encountered a car accident, and today Xiaobian to review their warning: traffic safety is not a trifling matter.

was just want to get a photo, did not think William Feng was Beijing police and Tianjin police "stare" on the.

users have a message "you stand on the matter, ha ha".



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