Guangzhou registered business eligible new entrepreneurial support policies

Internet plus entrepreneurial economy era, indicates that more and more people will be put into the ranks of electricity providers, micro business. The government has also begun to reform, and actively participate in the network of businesses to support entrepreneurship and employment policy support groups.

in the Internet, mobile Internet wave, Guangzhou electricity supplier industry is accelerating the development of. In response to this trend, the opinions put forward, vigorously support e-commerce business, accelerate the establishment of a standardized, safe, honest e-commerce development environment, fully tap the e-commerce industry to absorb employment potential.

the public venture, the highly innovative college students alone is not enough, experienced researchers to join start-ups will greatly improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, will also become an important support for economic transformation and upgrading.

"opinions" clearly support entrepreneurship researchers. In accordance with the relevant policies of the state, the unified deployment of the implementation of universities, research institutes and other institutions of professional and technical personnel in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship will undergo the transformation, as one of the important basis of job evaluation, equal treatment of invention patent application and the transformation requirements, technology transfer transaction amount and the equal vertical subject index.

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