How to harvest the first pot of gold business with a small capital.

many people now want to start, but not too much money, give a person a kind of business with a small capital can not afford to lose the feeling, so how can the business with a small capital detours to avoid failure, as soon as possible to harvest the first pot of gold?

1, choose the project, not where busy where crowded. Small operators, psychological stability is relatively heavy, others do what I do, take a risk free, stable money management way. However, this road is often out of order. Hot investment in small business is not to face a market with the industry giant, is to pick up the family has no "leftovers" oil and water "". Perhaps, this is a lot of people see people make money, and they can not make money the key.

2, It differs from man to man. start from their own familiar with the industry. Through market investigation, try to choose their own industry and have mastered the relevant knowledge of the industry investment, to make full use of their knowledge and skills, try to choose to engage with relatives and friends work related or similar projects, so that they can get help and guidance.

3, prudent investment, not Tandaqiuquan start. At the beginning of the investment, the mind has no bottom, see others do great business, also want to eat a fat, at the shop and set up factories to relatives and friends, even borrowing, in the end, is likely due to the lack of management experience, and serious loss. When you aim for a project is best when the amount of intervention, relatively small investment to understand the market, wait until you know when to go, a lot of investment.

4, quick response, small boats head quickly. Business environment is often changing rapidly, the market this time for a while. Business with a small capital small boat U-turn, as long as you keep a sober mind, make sensitive response to the changes in the market, to seize the opportunity to achieve a transient, this little italy.

5, active site, urgent customer requirements. Capital abundant big business "Shou", small businesses "go business with a small capital". The general requirements of the flow of goods is daily necessities, every day to use. So, it is easy to establish a stable relationship with customers, to make money. The delivery service can cater to the need to do something difficult and needs, which should be a call, hit it off.

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