Venture funding 69 college students in Harbin received venture capital funding

college students do not have to worry about funding, as long as more attention to entrepreneurial incentives, pay more attention to the opportunities brought about by social forces. Harbin has 69 college students received venture capital funding.

Harbin entrepreneurial seed funding and management of training camp starting ceremony held today, 10 college students entrepreneurs "Harbin innovation and entrepreneurship students advanced individual" title, giving each 20 thousand yuan reward.

48 college student entrepreneurs to give 2000 yuan one-time venture subsidies; Determination of 11 college students entrepreneurial project "in Harbin city in 2015 and focus on college students entrepreneurial projects", given the 3-5 million funding.

of high technological content, market potential, the formation of economic growth point and key technology outstanding entrepreneurial projects in a short period of time, after the assessment given 200 thousand yuan to 300 thousand yuan of funds.



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