Retired soldiers entrepreneurship also have a bright future

has a unique group of entrepreneurs in China, that is, retired soldiers. The government has been very focused on the entrepreneurial work of the group, to create a comfortable working environment for retired soldiers is part of the work of the government.

plenary session to promote the integration of development of economic construction and national defense construction, has become a hot topic of the old soldiers. Automotive technician, repair company Liaoning membership staff sergeant Liu Wei going to the veterans home, using the techniques learned in the army to start their own garage space, to participate in local economic construction. Listen to the veterans with pride about, the political commissar Miao Shaoguang said: "through the study and understand the spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, full service soldiers have their own life planning, to build a well-off society, their entrepreneurial determination and confidence."

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