Micro entrepreneurship set off a new high

WeChat, micro-blog, more and more micro products, the achievements of our current micro era! Opened a micro entrepreneurship! So, what is the meaning of micro entrepreneurship? What belongs to micro entrepreneurship? May wish to come up with a detailed understanding of the next!


plants surround, atmosphere is comfortable, the shop is full of light coffee flavor. 90 girls Li Ting never thought, just because she posted a net posts on the network, a few months later, this is called a lot of people Cafe really a dream come true.

"coffee, have friends, have a leisure time, a lot of people open a cafe." With the money, together with the participation, as long as 3000 yuan, you can become the boss of the coffee shop." Li Ting wrote in the net posts.

The idea of

after offline meetings, these enthusiastic netizens were set up in the location of the design team, propaganda team, market investigation team, product development team. From the site to the decoration style, and even many details, after a round of voting. "We have a group of shareholders, and a board of directors, a board of supervisors, and each time we take a vote." The newly appointed chairman of the Orient told reporters.

"here carries the dream of many people. Some people want to meet new friends here, some people want to promote public welfare here. And I am here to learn and grow, how to start a business, how to manage, how to deal with people." As a 90 wing told reporters.