How to open a new store can quickly profit

How can

open a new store to make a profit? Let us come together to understand the following, with the current development of the road has a lot of development, many people have chosen to start a business, then set up shop for entrepreneurs, the new store how to operate it quickly profitable? Let’s get to know.


the first sales of food, daily, weekly or monthly check what dishes sell? Which food is not good? What is the number of dishes to sell? Do psychology, so you can advance stocking. Also more conducive to cost control. The highest consumption during that period? Dishes can be selected in advance, wash well, with good, and so on when the guests can cook a pot of cooking, saving customers waiting time. Let the customer smile come in, satisfied!

Second: Desk Table No. clear, which table first order, clear order, in the kitchen in order to put a table, a dish of fried fried, don’t a table of dishes to make second table of dishes, as if the time delay is long the. There is the difficult to fry, such as dry flat in the final speculation, in the final analysis, is to ensure that every table after a few minutes must be the best fried dishes, and then the most difficult to fry the last to him. In this way, should be able to take care of the. Do not be busy, and speculation wrong, sent the wrong.

Third: the appropriate rise of required raw materials according to the business situation of the day. A flood of raw materials, water, fire, oil etc. various alkali swelling method, according to the raw material condition, can choose the appropriate method of flood.

Fourth: the processing of raw materials according to the business situation, before serving can be properly processed complex materials, such as: cut meat, shrimp, can improve the service speed and save manpower resources.

the above five points, I believe you also have some understanding, want to invest money you want to quickly profit you, what are you waiting for? Hurry up.

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