How to make the corner shop into a bright spot

although everyone wants to maximize the use of each square shop, but in the course of the actual operation is always easy to ignore. In fact, in our retail operations, store display and layout is the key to enhance the store image. Most of the time, we focus to the overall layout of the supermarket, but it ignores the corners. For a long time, it becomes a "dead corner"".

if vacant, then not only affect the overall appearance, but also not conducive to the layout of science, resulting in a waste of resources. How clever use of these spaces, so that the store image becomes more dynamic? By summing up some of the previous experience, I hope all of you to help others.

in the corner of the shop, I placed a table, placed above for customers to taste the food, wine, etc., on the top of the "free tasting" and so on a few words. Some customers do not rush into the store to buy things, I suggested that he take a break to the taste. A customer said to me: "boss, your taste is really good, I was not going to buy your liquor, but I tasted a small mouth, taste really good, so I bought ten pounds."

through the observation I found, except in the corner for tasting area does not make customers stop too long, so I will use the shelves of children took over, will take some newspapers on the shelf, can facilitate the customer to read newspaper. There is an old customers into the store and said to me: "go to shop only buy things go, I prefer to read the newspaper for a while now in here, also here with some people chat, than stay at home is much more interesting!" In addition, there are some children ran to the store to borrow books to see, every time I will be happy to promise. A small corner of the newspaper not only improved the taste of our supermarket, but also increased the cultural atmosphere, many people have become my old customers.

sometimes, newspapers and magazines have been left out in the cold. So, I will be able to use some of the items can be used by customers, such as umbrellas, universal charge, the collection of parcels, medicine boxes, etc.. This area will immediately have the convenience of service functions. One day, when it was raining outside, a customer bought a cigarette on the rain, and saw that he was getting wet. I immediately took an umbrella from him and gave him a hand.

second days, he will be sent back to the umbrella, at the same time, also in the store to buy more than fifty yuan. Since then, I have found that the customer has come to us more often. We have a lot of households in the District, and this corner of my service to bring them a lot of convenience, such as the collection of those express, I put in the service corner. In addition, there is also a pump, there are a lot of people lack of air bike, so I came here to borrow. Take things belonging to a one-time investment, not afraid to use, but let me win popularity, but also gain the praise of customers. < >