Shanghai Jiaotong University to build zero Bay student entrepreneurship Park

students entrepreneurship Park is a collection of a variety of entrepreneurial information, enjoy a number of preferential policies of the entrepreneurial platform. College students in the park under the support of the university to take part in the area of entrepreneurial resources, escort for entrepreneurs.

was established more than half a year zero Bay, has attracted 63 venture capital companies, the number of enterprises more than 350 people. Yesterday, with nearly 40 thousand square meters of science and technology building was officially opened, Shanghai venture relay group, Chen Hui venture capital and other venture capital institutions have also settled. Zero Bay Park and Liaoning college students employment service base, Sichuan Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology Park "one school area" reached a strategic cooperation agreement, the three parties will share resources, venture capital business mentor mentor, with each other for the location of the park to recommend young alumni into the park business, at the same time will regularly communicate with the park construction and development experience.

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